584abf432912007028bd9337Promotional Video Creation

Whether your business has a story to tell or a product to sell, promotional videos are a great way to share what you have to offer with your customers. I can help assist you in the creation of this content for you to share on your website or social media. This can include concept, filming, editing, and copy for posting.

youtube-solid  Youtube Video Editing

If you are a YouTuber who needs someone to edit videos in your own personal style, look no further. Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to edit your own videos with multiple side projects and different channels on the go. Send me your content and I can edit your videos so you don’t have to. I can adapt to your style and am able to use any plug-ins or graphics you may need/want. I currently work with Final Cut Pro.


Website Development

Whether you already have a website that needs a revamp or are starting from scratch, I can create a customized WordPress based website for you and your needs. I work off of WordPress themes and am able to adapt and customize them with basic HTML knowledge. I also offer copywriting/editing services for website text to best tell your story and outline the necessary information.


Custom Graphics

If you are uploading a video to any platform you want a thumbnail that is eye-catching to grab the viewers attention and make them click on the content. I create custom thumbnails to accompany your videos as well as digital flyers for social media and basic website graphics to highlight information. I also offer custom logo designs for small businesses wanting to create a brand. Just let me know what you need and I’ll help dream up the perfect graphic!

iconSocial Media Planning

From optimizing your company Facebook page to creating the most beneficial LinkedIn account, I can help. Through working with social media for years I can help up your analytics and give you tips and strategies to grow your following and keep them engaged. Together we will map out a plan to make the most of your social media or create accounts on platforms you may be new to. I will work with you to curate your Instagram feed, provide digital flyers and graphics, or just simply help you map out a plan for you to execute on your own!